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Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitation Therapy Services offer the return of function after illness or injury with the help of specialized medical professionals.  Our dedicated Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists and Restorative Aides, experts in rehabilitation, treat residents up to 7 days per week with a variety of treatment approaches. They collaborate as members of the Interdisciplinary Team, which includes the Patient and Physician, in planning for a safe discharge by setting functional goals.  The therapy team are all staff members who have the autonomy to think outside the box while providing quality rehabilitation care.  They will take the time to get to know you and will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Our beautiful therapy team.

Physical Therapy Our physical therapists focus on maximizing our residents function. Injury, illness, or surgery may require rehabilitation to improve your strength, balance, and coordination or adaptation to modify your environment. Physical Therapists work towards improving your safety and independence, keeping your goals paramount.

Occupational Therapy Our occupational therapists are here to support our residents in performing activities that will help them be successful at home. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, dressing or performing self cares, our residents are guided toward maximum self sufficiency.

Speech Therapy Our Speech Therapists focus on communication and swallowing impairments. Our Speech Therapists are equipped to design a program catered to meet your needs allowing the highest possible level of function.

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