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Testimonials – Written

  • Dee Harbour

    I recently had heart surgery at the University Of Washington Hospital. Dr. Don was my surgeon and was very helpful and kind while I was there. After my surgery, it was apparent that I was going to need skilled rehabilitation before being able to go home. I had been to a skilled nursing facility before and I was not looking forward to another stay but knew it needed to be done. My daughter did some looking around and settled on San Juan Rehabilitation in Anacortes and I am so glad that she did!

    I really have enjoyed working with all of the staff at San Juan. They seem genuinely happy to be at work and it’s very apparent that they work as a team. All of the therapists are wonderful and helpful but I especially appreciated working with Vanessa Nichols PTA. She made therapy fun and fly by.

    My main rave about San Juan is the food. It is homemade and yummy! Having food that was enjoyable after a long day of therapy was greatly appreciated.

    I would recommend San Juan to anyone in need of rehabilitation after being in the hospital and that is saying something as my family knows, I tend to be particular!


  • Bob Lanphere

    I started racing jalopies at Skagit Speedway, in 1955 when I was 15 years old.  I quickly graduated to sprint cars.  At that time the highest speed was 35 mph.  Now they go as fast as 85 mph.  I really loved to race and wanted to compete for as long as I could.  Unfortunately, during a race I clipped another car’s tire on a straightaway and the next thing I knew my car had flipped at least seven times.  That was the end of my racing career.  I had broken my back and was told I would never walk again.  I proved the Doctor’s wrong by walking in less than year.  Even though I was on my feet, racing was out of the question.  I continued to participate in the race circuit for the next 40 years as a season ticket holder until last year because of my deteriorating health.

    Over a year ago I was taken to the ER at Island Hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia which made my health more complicated.  I had no choice but to go to a rehabilitation center so I could gain my strength and have 24/7 care.  San Juan Rehabilitation was the only choice for me.  I knew the care would be excellent because they took care of my wife.

    Now I have been living at San Juan Rehabilitation for a year and a half. I feel that this place has kept me going.  The entire staff including Dr. Llewellyn are all great!  I feel safe here. They give me hope and a sense of purpose. Three months ago I was appointed the Resident Council President.  The Council advocates for all of the patients and residents and assist in planning activities.  Recently, we had agreed upon an outing to the Skagit Speedway.  Boy, that couldn’t happen fast enough for me.  We attended the last race of the year and fun was had by all, especially myself.  I was able to reunite with old friends and share wonderful memories. San Juan Rehabilitation made my dream come true and I am so grateful for that.

  • Bob McGirk

    I knew I was going to need surgery on my left knee. Dr. Stacia Smith ended up performing my surgery at Island Hospital. I can really say that she went above and beyond for me. Dr. Smith came and saw me three times while I was in the hospital after my surgery just to check in and see how I was doing. I know that’s unheard of! I knew when I was discharging from the hospital that I would need more support than I could manage at home. San Juan Rehabilitation was recommended as the best place in town for therapy so I decided to stay there for a few days while I got back on my feet. That was one of the best decisions I could have made.

    The team at San Juan really did everything they could to make sure that I was comfortable and having fun. I felt like we could work hard but have fun along the way. Not only did they give me absolutely stupendous nursing and therapy services; they would do little thoughtful things along the way. Veronica and I were discussing books that we both enjoy and the next day she brought in a book on tape just for me. That little act of kindness really mattered to me. I also loved working with Megan. She’s a student who was working with the team at San Juan as a part of her schooling but she really went above and beyond for me. I know she will bless a lot of people during her career.

    I cannot say enough good things about my stay at San Juan and I would recommend that anyone in the community in need of a skilled nursing stay go there!


  • Helen Brandt

    I was at church receiving communion when I felt the sharp pain in the back of my left shoulder.  I couldn’t move.  Two nurses were there and immediately came to help me.  They called 911 and I was rushed to Swedish Hospital.  The Swedish team realized that I had an aneurism and felt a stint would resolve the problem.  After one week, I was able to be discharged to a rehab center to gain my strength before I return home to live independently again.  I wanted to be closer to my home in Oak Harbor and I recalled that a dear friend had told me that San Juan Rehabilitation was great.  I had been to two different centers in Skagit County before and wasn’t overly excited about my experiences.  So I thought I would request to go to San Juan Rehabilitation and try them out.

    From the time I arrived, I felt welcome.  I love to see people smile and I believe that happiness is good for healing. The quality of care I was given was Topnotch! They were attentive and compassionate to my physical needs. If it weren’t for the Nursing staff, Aides, Activities and Physical Therapy, I couldn’t have gotten back on my feet.  Even though, my daughter Lori lives two hours away she was kept informed at every step.  She was most impressed by receiving a voice message from Bonnie, a Physical Therapist, who gave her personal cell phone number to call her at any time in order to discuss her assessment before I could go home.  Lori, felt that Bonnie really went the extra mile.  I have to say that the overall Physical Therapy team were impressive and professional.  After two and half weeks of rehab I am ready to go home.   I will miss the love and attention I received at San Juan Rehabilitation but will come back to visit.

  • Linda Sanford

    5 weeks ago, I had hip replacement surgery by Dr. Cartwright of Arlington at Skagit Valley Hospital. San Juan Rehab was my choice for rehabbing so that I could receive the most effective professional support as possible before returning to my home.

    In previous years, I had visited several friends during their stay at San Juan Rehab. Knowing that they were very pleased with their care made my choice easier!

    My stay at San Juan Rehab was my first experience in this type of situation and the best support and choice for me. The staff is incredibly caring, empowering, and given to listening, which gave me support physically and emotionally. I met incredible people with powerful stories. I truly enjoyed seeing the staff reach out to all of the residents and engage them where ever they were at in their life journey.

    Now that I am home, I have chosen to continue my outpatient rehab with the team at San Juan Rehab. This is somewhat unusual for them, but is important to me. I feel comfortable with the staff and look forward to the care and support that has been continually extended to me while rehabbing under their guidance. In the future I look forward to being able to volunteer within the facility and support the care that is extended to residents.

  • Joan Marsh

    I was at the bank here in Anacortes and fell on my way back to my car. I broke my hip during the fall and was taken to Island Hospital. They told me I was going to need to have surgery and I was lucky enough to have Dr. Rodin at Island Hospital perform it. He was very thorough, kind and happy to answer any of my questions. I found that to be refreshing and nice. After my surgery, I was told that I would need to go to a skilled nursing facility to recover and ended up at San Juan Rehabilitation. I didn’t think much of the place by its exterior, but boy was I surprised by what was inside.

    San Juan was airy and bright and smells good! The nurses are always willing to spend a little extra time with me to make sure I have just what I need. I loved my therapists too. One of my therapists Billie heard it was my birthday and went out and got a special coffee just for me. That is just one of the many examples of genuine kindness and human compassion that was bestowed upon me during my time there.

    My daughter Cheryl and I loved the food as well. There is a great variety of options on the menu and it tasted good not like hospital food. They even made sure whenever Cheryl was there visiting me; that she got meals too. Talk about going the extra mile.

    I could not have asked for a better place to recover after being in the hospital. If I ever need another skilled nursing stay, I know where I’m headed and I would recommend San Juan Rehabilitation to anyone in the community looking at Skilled Nursing Facility stay.


  • Marianne Renfro

    I came to San Juan Rehabilitation after my scheduled knee replacement surgery in Bellingham.  My husband and I planned for me to rehab at San Juan because we live in Anacortes and it would be convenient for him to visit me.  I was also confident that I would get great care here as I have heard wonderful things about the staff.  When I first arrived, I had nurses, therapists and even the kitchen supervisor come to my room making sure I was comfortable and settled in.  We discussed a customized care plan that included my diet since I have food and medication allergies.

    I remember the first few days were very uncomfortable because of the pain.  Even though I wanted to quit, the therapists encouraged me not to.  They made sure I was able to participate in my sessions twice a day as pain free as possible.  I really can’t say enough about the therapy team especially Bonnie, Mary and Billie they were supportive and caring.

    After two weeks of TLC and hard work, I can’t believe my progress.  I am walking all over the facility with the support of my walker.  I am looking forward to going home, starting a new quilt project and being with my husband Joe and our Shi Tzu, Molly.

  • Marjorie Scribner

    I was at Harborview in Seattle after a horrifying car accident left me in critical condition
    with multiple broken bones. As a result of their marvelous care, I was able to transfer to a
    rehabilitation facility for my long recovery which include physical therapy and 24 hour daily
    living care. Since I live in Oak Harbor, I was hoping to fi nd the same level of care provided
    by Harborview within a reasonable distance from my home. Harborview searched for me and
    suggested San Juan Rehabilitation Center in Anacortes. My family and I visited the facility and
    decided that would be the best place for me.
    My road to recovery was shared with great love and care by the exceptional staff from the
    cheerful and hardworking nurses’ aides such as Bethany Crews whose loving smile always
    lightened my day and Willie Lawton who put his patient’s welfare fi rst. I would rate the
    physical therapists Travis Arendse and Bonnie Kennedy’s level of professionalism and
    knowledge in their fi eld to that of Harborview’s elite team. I also want to acknowledge Dr.
    Llewellyn’s commitment and compassionate care to the patients
    at San Juan Rehab. I would recommend her to everyone. When
    Joni, the head of nursing listened to my concerns she was able
    to fi x them wisely and in a timely manner. She proved that my
    recovery was the priority and my needs were respected.
    My fi ve weeks stay at San Juan Rehab was wonderful from the
    care of the staff, the quality and variety of meals offered to Sam
    the parrot who kept us entertained.
    If I would ever need rehab services again, I would return to San
    Juan Rehabilitation Center. I gained mobility and great new friends.
    ~Marjorie Scribner and husband Trim

  • Dean Mack

    As I stood a few feet from the edge of the cliff at Washington Park it surprisingly gave way and I fell 15 to 20 ft. onto the rocks and beach below. My first memory was that I couldn’t move.  I quickly realized that I was alone and that no one witnessed my fall.  I initially thought that I should wave down a boat. So I reached into my pocket for my white handkerchief.  Unfortunately, my attempt for attention was unsuccessful.  Time went by, not sure how long but the tide was coming in and I was becoming concerned.  My predicament seemed to be getting grim as I was immobile due to a left arm compound fracture and excruciating pain throughout my body.  Finally, a guy came by and asked if I needed help.  He called the fire department and they came quickly.  I was placed on a back board and they had to pull me up the side of the cliff using ropes due to the awkward location of the fall.  The Island Hospital, ER assessed me and realized that I needed to go to Harbor View due to the extent of my injuries.   They determined I had 13 broken ribs and my pelvis was broken in 5 places.  I spent one week in ICU and after the second week at Harborview I was transferred to San Juan Rehabilitation. The Harborview staff told me that San Juan Rehabilitation was capable and prepared to handle trauma patients. Their recommendation gave me the confidence that I would be taken care of.

    After two months of intense therapy I am finally going back to my home in Friday Harbor.  I am in great debt to the physical therapy staff, they definitely challenged me to work hard.  I had 2 daily sessions during the week and 1 session on the weekend.  The nursing and resident care staff were all caring and encouraging as well.  I anticipate that I will continue to gain strength and I look forward to visiting the San Juan Rehab team when I return to “The United States”, (the mainland of Anacortes).

  • Bob Gray

    I was living in Kirkland when I was in terrible pain and I ended up at Issaquah Hospital for Gallbladder surgery. After my surgery, it was evident that I would need additional therapy. My daughter lives on Whidbey Island and I decided that I wanted to be close to her. She decided that San Juan Rehabilitation about be a good place and she was right!

    I really loved the staff. The nurses were on their game. They were always available and helpful. The therapists knew just how to make me work hard. As a business owner who specialized in railroad construction, I am no stranger to hard work! Devon Nichols OTR especially knew how to be a ray of sunshine at a time when I was feeling low.

    Being a WWII Veteran, I found it to be so wonderful to meet a gentleman named Bob who served as well. I knew I would immediately like him because of his name but I have found it to be so filling to be able to share memories with someone who was there. I’m going to receive an award called the French Legion of Honor to commemorate my time served overseas and I plan on bringing Bob with me as my honored guest.

    Overall, I thought the operation was top notch and well run. I liked it so much, that I decided to move into Rosario Assisted Living (a sister facility) so I could permanently stay around my family and the staff that is so enriching to my life.

    I would recommend San Juan Rehabilitation and Rosario Assisted Living to anyone in the community in need of extra support.

  • George Barth

    I have stayed at San Juan Care Center & Rehab last year for cardiac and infusion care. I chose to stay there again for the 10 days after my open heart surgery. Once again I was amazed at the extreme & loving, yet professional care they provide to everyone there. The long time residents are very content being pseudograndparents to the many small children that visit throughout the day or by petting the occasional dog sitting by them. I found this place to be much more than a nursing home, but more like an “at home environment”. Activity Coordinator Mike Matson probes clients for ways to make their lives more full and happy. As well as creating fun picnics at beaches, Parades…even a Skagit Speedway night for residents. The staff all go above and beyond to make people feel comfortable and happy. Once you go in and see the workings of the facility, you will see a wholesome and happy environment. Congratulations and THANK YOU to Jim Roe and staff!

  • Jailea Patterson

    After a terrible fall down concrete stairs I required extensive bilateral knee surgery.  As an independent 30 year old with a severe debilitating injury and a Lupus diagnosis I was concerned with how I was going to care for myself and regain my independence.  I live in Oak Harbor and did not know what to do or where to turn for help until an Island Hospital employee told me about San Juan Rehab Center in Anacortes.  Because of my age I never considered that I would qualify for Skilled Nursing care.

    I am so fortunate to have found San Juan Rehab.  They are no stranger to providing care for patients of all ages.  Diligently following my surgeon’s orders Tina, RN, cared for me with a great big smile every day and Mary, Physical Therapy Assistant, stressed the importance of relaxing and letting others care for me during our daily therapy.  Loni, Occupational Therapist, has given me hope for independence by teaching me new ways to manage my daily living tasks.  And there was never a lack of laughter when Agnes and Richelle were around.  Overall my days were filled with love and care by the entire staff.

    While at San Juan rehab during the summer, I was able to participate in two exciting daytrips.  A beautiful ferry ride to Friday Harbor and a barbeque picnic at Deception State Park.  They made it happen even though I am wheel chair bound.  That was the icing on the cake!

    I am so thankful that I was able to find San Juan Rehab.  They have given me the courage and hope to live a full independent life.

  • Grace LaFountain

    When my physician recommended surgery after I broke my femur, I did some investigating for an orthopedic surgeon. While I live in Oak Harbor, I came to Anacortes especially to work with Dr. Stacia Smith. She was so kind and wonderful and I’m grateful that I did. After my surgery it was apparent that I needed to stay at a Skilled Nursing Facility prior to being able to go home. I had never been in one and I certainly was not looking forward to it… who does? I ended up at San Juan Rehabilitation in Anacortes and I can say that they certainly changed my perspective.


    I really enjoyed working with all of the staff. They were always happy and it was obvious that they enjoyed working at San Juan. The felt like I was in competent hands while working with the nurses. I have a new appreciation for the Nursing Assistants. They work so hard and are so accommodating. I always looked forward to the shift that Misty McNear would be around. Her attitude was infectious and fun. I actually enjoyed therapy. The therapists put my mind at ease and designed a therapy program specific to my needs to return home. Not only did they help me with my leg, they helped me with an old injury to my shoulder. I could tell that they cared about me as person and that made a difference.


    I would have never thought that I would have enjoyed my stay while at San Juan but I can honestly say that I did! I would come back if I ever needed to and recommend to anyone who reads this, to do the same.